A Look back in time for Middleton Lodge

With 18 months of viruses, shutdowns and pains for the hospitality industry, 2022 could not come sooner and like many companies, we wanted to take a look back at where it all started.

Arguably our genesis project, the project that propelled us into the light of industry and helped us grow into the very agency we are today. 2022 marks the 6th year of the current Middleton Lodge website, a long time for such a fast-paced industry like hospitality. Its design today still stands the test of time as its business has grown, so has the site.

Originally built in 2016, the site has had some basic styling changes along the way but the core framework remains and the functionality behind it, unchanged. The full-screen site, built when this design trend was just emerging, showcases a collection of stunning photography which seasonally changes and still, today looks as good as it when we launched it.

But this is all very visual, let’s break down the hard facts. Since its launch, it has digitally appeared to more than half a million users totalling more than 3 million page views. More than 80% of its users are brand new customers, that’s a huge achievement for the team at Middleton Lodge and their hard work is mirrored in the analytical data for the site.

While the future of the site to the world is unknown, we wanted to rewind one last time and look at this project as a real success for the team at Mont.

We hope you like it!