About us

We are a collection of innovative digital designers and creative individuals that help you build brand identity, connect with your customers and grow online through a series of comprehensive digital solutions, design services and complex platforms.


The best things in life happen by accident and this story is no different. In 2012 a decision was made to start a small, local design studio from a home office to fund beer money, weekends away and gadgets as a side hustle to being a freelance designer.


A year on, the Harry Potter style, cupboard under the stairs was overflowing with print materials and tech so the move was made to the dazzling heights of the back bedroom. Never underestimate the power of a radiator and a window.


With two years of design work being used in the public eye for a host of bars and restaurants, the reputation of the brand name grew and so did the award count. Branding a business is one thing, but winning awards for doing it is what inspired the next generation of the business.


The freelance status was dropped and the company opened its first office in the North East. It was referred to as the “Fish Tank” for obvious reasons. It wasn’t massive, but it was ram packed with Lego, and let’s be honest, what more do you need?


The reputation of the brand grew in the hospitality sector, and by the end of the year, the business was only working with bars, restaurants, breweries, distilleries and lifestyle brands. A niche had been carved out and the brand was seen as a leader of the industry.


We brought in another director, expanded the design team and began the process of refining ‘how’ digital projects were delivered. Our plan was to focus on how we implement the award-winning design coming from the design team with the technical capabilities of the development team.


Arguably the best addition to the team! We got ourself an office dog! Rory came to the studio as “overseer of all things food-related” and “protector of the Lego”. He sleeps mostly, but when he’s awake don’t leave anything unattended, he will “clear” it away.


The office behind the infamous fish tank became available and we jumped at the opportunity to grow. We kitted it out with even more Lego, tech and team members to help us continue to create amazing pieces of design for brands.


A decade since the brand name was created, we made the decision to launch Mont. We outgrew the old brand identity and wanted to make a statement that would take us through the next decade and establish ourself as market leaders. Mont represents the highest form of where we have come from and shares the vision with you of where we are going.