Our Process

When developing a new digital project we rely on a unique process that we have developed over the last ten years.

Let’s Sprint together.

Sprints are the individual milestones or steps taken to finish a digital project. They are done in a linear and clear format to minimise confusion and help roadmap the entire project. Only when a sprint is completed do we move onto the next.

Sprint 1

In the first sprint, we look at how your new digital presence will look and feel. The design stage is a real opportunity to understand your brand and how your finished article will look. To do this we propose a design for your new online presence in a static format and annotate technical elements. We may even use content from your existing site if possible or source stock images to help you get a feel.

Sprint 2
Application of Design

Next we begin to build the front end of the website as per the approved design in sprint 1, this is where it really starts coming to life! We give you a live development link to see the progress of the build and demonstrate how the final article with both function and look. Minor sytling tweaks can be made at this stage to benefit the end user.

Sprint 3
Development of the Back End

This is where our team work their magic. We begin to build the physical back end of your and the user management side of your new website. If applicable, advanced features are added, integrations between external systems are communicated and security measures are developed. You may not see anything happening from your end during this time so it’s a great idea to start thinking about the final website content along with any images we may require.

Sprint 4
Content & Integration

During this sprint, we start putting all of your content, images, products, articles, posts along with anything else we have agreed inside of your original proposal document. Following on from Sprint 3, we continue to integrate any external systems that have been agreed and purchase any relevant licenses to your project. You will also have a live development link to the so you can check in on the progress.

Sprint 5
Mobile Testing & Information

Once the content has been placed in we look at how it behaves on a mobile device, we only build responsive websites. At this stage, we bug test and iron out any optimisation issues to make sure the site launches without a hitch. We also discuss technical aspects like hosting, domain access and backups and talk through our management, security and support packages to help you get the most out of your new project. 

Sprint 6
Launch & Post Service

The most exciting part. Once all the elements in Sprint 5 have been completed we are ready to go! This time is about planning a launch date and telling your customers about it. The Mont team will supply you with a PR Article about the build and mockup’s to show the world on your social channels as well as help you decide on the best packages to assist you going forward.