The Digital Future of Wynyard Hall

The hospitality and travel industry should be at the forefront of design trends. This industry is responsible for shaping the very designs and functionality that will become the norm over the next 12 months.

This week we launched the all new custom built Wynyard Hall website where design plays a pivotal role in connecting to customers.

We buy accommodation, weddings and culinary services with emotion, not brains.
We are programmed to look for visual aids, imagery and video, not text.
We like clean space, easy on the eye formatting and simple design, not disorganisation.

You could say this was the foundation for the Wynyard website and you would be right. We wanted to create a functional, simple website for the users, but a complex and ever expanding system for the team at Wynyard. To do this we custom developed the entire site from the gound up building in the functionality that Wynyard wanted. Every single element is controlled by the team there and can be infinitely changed as their business does.

Stand by for constantly changing photography, videos, insights and events.